The University of Industrial Technology won first prize and second prize in the scientific research student award at Thai Nguyen University


On March 22, 3, 2023 groups of students from the International Faculty - University of Industrial Technology attended the "Final Round of the Student Scientific Research Award" of Thai Nguyen University. As a result, both groups of students excellently won the first and second prizes overall

The reporters took souvenir photos at the program

The award aims to encourage students to do scientific research, apply learned knowledge to real life, thereby promoting creative thinking capacity, the ability to work independently, work in groups, promote and foster Nurturing young scientific talents at Thai Nguyen University. The student scientific research award attracted a large participation of students from member universities and science instructors.

Based on the following criteria: time, content, structure of the presentation, expression, language, supporting tools and question answers, the jury will score and select the proposed topics. the best awarded.

At the final round, the participating topics were: Building matrix calculation software; Convergence of harmonic chain subchains and applications; 02 groups of international students reported success and won 01 First Prize and 01 Second Prize overall.

Rapporteur presented at the program

Student Nguyen Xuan Quang and Student Nong Minh Quang
received the first prize of the program

The group reported taking souvenir photos

Student Do Duc Tue and Student Nong Minh Quang received the second prize overall

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