Advanced Program in Mechanical Engineering– Version 2023 – Expected learning outcomes


1.1 Goal

– Students will be capable of working in the field of industrial product design and manufacturing, ensuring both the technical functions and aesthetic requirements of the products.

– The training aims to cultivate students with political integrity, ethics, a sense of serving the people, and physical fitness, meeting the requirements for nation-building and defense.

– Students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge for comprehensive development, the ability to apply basic engineering principles, high practical skills, and technical skills necessary for the job of Mechanical Engineering Engineer (Bachelor). They will possess sufficient self-learning and research abilities to continue studying at a higher level and the capacity to work in an international environment.

1.2. Objectives

SSpecific objectives of the training programObjects of application
MT1Provide a broad foundation of basic mathematics and science knowledge, core technical engineering fundamentals, and specialized knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering for comprehensive development.  Bachelor
MT2Develop the ability to explore knowledge, systematic thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and professional skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering to fulfill social responsibilities and professional ethics.  Bachelor
MT3Develop communication skills, information technology skills, and teamwork skills; entrepreneurial abilities and adaptability to diverse, multicultural work environments in the context of globalization.  Bachelor
MT4Develop the capacity to conceive, design, implement, and operate mechanical production systems, automated production systems in the industry.Bachelor


Table 1.1. PLOS of training program

PLO11.1Apply fundamental knowledge of natural sciences, social sciences, and language and computer tools to absorb specialized knowledge and enhance learning abilities at a higher level.33
PLO21.2Apply core knowledge of mechanics, electricity, electronics, and control to understand and solve specialized problems in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas.33
PLO31.3Utilize in-depth knowledge and specialization to address technical issues in the professional activities of Bachelor's/Engineers in Mechanical Engineering.33
PLO42.1Analyze and propose solutions to address in-depth issues in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas.3.54
PLO52.2Classify, test, experiment hypotheses to solve technical problems and proficiently perform specialized skills in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas.44
PLO62.3Have systematic problem-solving skills in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas.3.53.5
PLO72.4Have lifelong learning abilities to enhance professional skills and succeed in career.33
PLO82.5Be self-aware, respect corporate culture, and know how to work in an international environment; fulfill social responsibilities and professional ethics.33.5
PLO93.1Have the ability to work independently and effectively in teams.33
PLO103.2Communicate effectively in various forms: written communication, electronic communication, graphics, and presentations.3.53.5
PLO113.3Master English for international communication, research technical documents, and texts.4.54.5
PLO124.1Generate ideas, establish requirements, identify functional components, and model mechanical systems.33.5
PLO134.2Design detailed mechanical components and systems, proficiently using specialized mechanical design software.3.54.5
PLO144.3Organize, implement manufacturing of products and mechanical equipment.3.54.0
PLO154.4Manage, operate, and maintain mechanical systems and precision machining systems.3.54.5
PLO164.5Apply synthesized knowledge and skills to start-up and business ventures in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas.3.54.5

Brief outline of all courses in the program and Program specification can be found at the attachments

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