Memorable graduation ceremony for students of course K53APE

On June 24, 06, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology held a memorable graduation ceremony for students of course K2023AP. With the use of English as the main language, the ceremony created excitement and impression for everyone.

Short excerpt from student Nguyen Thi Ngoc's graduation project presentation

At the ceremony, the students presented many interesting ideas and topics. Student reports and presentations have attracted particular interest from faculty and committees. The committee worked seriously and made profound contributions to help the students better complete their thesis. The goal is for them to be able to develop their future research direction after graduation and create works and products of scientific significance to contribute to the construction of the country.

The protection ceremony ended successfully after more than an hour, with the joy and excitement of both teachers and students. We congratulate the Electrical and Computer Engineering industry for its continued success in training talented engineers for the country. At the same time, congratulations to the students on passing an important milestone in their lives and getting ready to face the next challenges.

The ceremony was a great success after serious and hard work of everyone.

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