The international faculty teams won high prizes at the final of the contest “Creative of TNUT students – XNUMXnd time”

The final round of the competition "Tune student innovation - The second time" was held at 19:16 on May 5, 2022 at the Great Hall - University of Industrial Technology. The round featured 11 best products that demonstrated novelty, creativity, efficiency and applicability selected by the Jury through the preliminary rounds. The International Faculty has two teams, the faculty with the most teams participating in the Finals.

In which, the STEM-1 team with the product "3D Printer - Large format industrial TNUT" led by Dr. Hoang Tien Dat, the guide, won the second prize overall. Team STEM-3 with the product "Mini 4-axis CNC milling machine" guided by Th.S Le Van Nhat won the consolation prize. Through the competition, students practice initiative in learning and training, accumulate necessary knowledge and skills, as well as enhance the exchange of learning between different faculties and professions.

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