Happy Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20

Happy Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20

In the warm atmosphere of the celebration of Vietnam Teachers' Day on November 20, the International Faculty at Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology respectfully sends to all teachers the best wishes, hoping that you will Teachers always maintain health, happiness and achieve success in work and life.

The International Faculty remembers and appreciates the continuous contributions of former teachers and teachers in building and developing the Education and research at the Faculty. The Faculty is deeply grateful for the tireless efforts and enthusiasm that you have devoted to this cause.

On this special occasion, the International Faculty also respectfully receives wishes and attention from our partners, as well as from generations of alumni and current students. These things are great encouragement and a strong source of encouragement for us to continue striving and developing. We sincerely thank and hope that the support and companionship from our partners and alumni will continue to be a valuable source of encouragement in the faculty's promising activities in the future.

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