Series of activities to celebrate 58 years of School Tradition Day (December 6, 12 - December 1965, 6)

On December 6, 12, the University of Industrial Technology and the International Faculty held a series of activities to celebrate the 2023th anniversary of the University's traditional day (December 58, 6 - December 12, 1965).

Opening the ceremony, Dr. Do Trung Hai, Principal of the School, gave a speech to welcome the School's traditional day. At the same time, honor and praise teachers, officials and workers who have achieved proud results in the past year. With more than 58 years of career in educating people, the School has continuously developed in many aspects, becoming one of the leading technical universities in the country with great contributions to the cause of training high-quality human resources. serving the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country.

Below are beautiful images of International Faculty teachers participating in welcoming activities and immersing themselves in the vibrant and cheerful atmosphere of the School's traditional day.

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