Bachelor's Degree Program in English Language

Education program English Language - Major in English for Science, Engineering and Technology Provide learners with knowledge and skills to use general English and English in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology, personal and professional skills and qualities, social skills and qualities, and especially the ability to apply knowledge into practice (CDIO competency) placed in a social and business context.
The teaching staff has good expertise, advanced and enthusiastic teaching methods; students study in an international environment and have the opportunity to join many attractive clubs and extracurricular activities (Field trip, English festivals, English club, AP night...).
After graduating, bachelors of English language have many job opportunities such as translators, freelance interpreters or working for domestic and foreign companies and enterprises with the strength of using English in various fields. science, engineering and technology; experts working in the fields of industry, finance, diplomacy…; teachers/lecturers of English, especially English related to the fields of science, engineering and technology, at professional schools, vocational training institutions, schools, foreign centers language.

You will always be welcomed by employers if you know how to use your language skills in specific jobs in the context of the country's growing development along with investment and technology transfer. And we - a team of enthusiastic lecturers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​- International Faculty - TNUT will accompany you on the way to equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills for your future career!

For more information please contact:

Dr. Phung Thi Thu Ha: 0914.970.656

Dr. Hoang Huong Ly: 0983.687.775

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