Foreign Trade Program

1. Introduction to the specialized training program in Foreign Trade, taught in English

In the trend of integration and globalization of the world economy, import-export activities, international trade and investment play an increasingly important role for businesses. These are activities that contribute positively to the country's GDP, promote Vietnam's competitive advantages as well as take advantage of high-tech goods from abroad. International business helps goods to be circulated between countries and is a bridge for global trade. International trade relations are one of the three main pillars of foreign economic policy, contributing to promoting industrialization, modernization and maintaining the sustainable development of the economy. International business and trade activities help increase foreign currency, improve balance of payments, increase revenue for the state budget, stimulate technological innovation, gain access to new business forms, create more jobs for a large number of people of working age who have high qualifications, creating competition between domestic and imported goods, improving people's living standards. Thanks to import-export activities, Vietnam can combine its own resources, potentials such as natural resources and labor, and shortages such as capital and technology to open up the economy to take advantage of resources. aid capital, inheriting scientific and technical achievements combined with the potential to create strong growth for the economy, contributing to shortening the economic gap of our country with developed countries in the world.

The field of export - import, business and international trade is forecasted to have a very high demand for personnel. Especially the area with foreign direct investment (FDI) - the area that accounts for more than 20% of the total investment capital of the whole economy; The openness of the economy (total import and export turnover) is equal to 200% of the gross domestic product (GDP). From now to 2025, it is forecasted that the labor market needs to recruit over 300.000 employees working in this field. To meet the market demand for human resources in the field of import-export, business and international trade, especially in localities with developed industries such as Thai Nguyen and neighboring areas such as Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Vinh Phuc, etc., the expansion of bachelor's degree in foreign trade is very necessary. The Faculty of International Affairs - University of Industrial Technology develops a foreign trade training program taught in English to meet this demand.

The International Faculty has 10 years of experience in managing and organizing advanced training programs (taught in English). Most of the Faculty's lecturers are trained abroad or at domestic training institutions and are proficient in English in teaching. In particular, learners will be able to live and study in an international communication environment with the opportunity to interact, study and interact with foreign lecturers and students. Currently, about 15% of the Faculty's students are international students from various countries such as the Philippines, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Cambodia.

2. Job opportunities

Graduates of the Foreign Trade Professional program can:

Working in the position of a business officer or business administrator in all types of enterprises of the economy, especially having advantages in organizations and enterprises operating in the field of investment, import and export. goods, services, international payment and transportation, in foreign enterprises.

– Working in non-profit organizations, social organizations, NGOs.

– Create your own business or find business opportunities for yourself.

- Working in departments, departments and branches of government agencies.

Working as a researcher or lecturer on corporate governance, domestic and international trade at institutes, research centers, training institutions or business policy-making agencies.

3. Admission Information

Branch: Industrial Management (QLC_TA)

Specialized: Foreign Trade Service.

Program code: 7510601

Number of students: 25

Selection team: A00, A01, D01, D07

Training time: is 3,5 years

Teaching language: English

Target: Provide professional knowledge and skills in investment activities, import and export of goods, payment, international transportation.


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