TNUT visit program for new FIT students

On the morning of September 08, 9, Tnut International Faculty organized a school visit program for new students at the school. Program in a series of activities to welcome new students of the International Faculty.

The students were present in large numbers, along with the homeroom teacher and members of the Faculty's youth group, who guided enthusiastically and shared experiences in the learning process, as well as the Faculty's extracurricular activities. .

Places to visit start at the main gate of the Electromechanical Square, introducing the Stadium Complex including Multipurpose Hall and Tennis Court, Student Canteen, Lecture Halls, Ministry Hall, Electromechanical Pen Tower, Library where children can spend time studying and studying books, ending with the artificial turf soccer field.

The useful sharing program helps new students get to know and interact with upperclassmen. This will be a good stepping stone for students to no longer be confused and enter an experienced and dynamic student life.

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