Advanced Program in Electrical Engineering



1. Introduction to the advanced program

In order to improve the quality of Vietnam's higher education, and to integrate higher education with other countries in the region and the world, the Ministry of Education and Training has implemented a project on advanced training programs (CTTT). Advanced programs are:

– The project is invested by the Government of Vietnam under the direct direction of the Ministry of Education and Training. The country has 35 advanced programs implemented at 23 leading universities in Vietnam.

– Being “imported” a full package of training programs and training methods of foreign partner schools (mainly from the US). Besides, studying more Marxist-Leninist Science subjects, Physical Education.

– Study in English except for Marxist-Leninist Science, Physical Education.

Graduates have the conditions to study directly for graduate and doctoral studies abroad, and have many opportunities to work in foreign enterprises.

– Students only have to pay very low tuition fees to coordinate the implementation of the program.

2. Introduction to the advanced program in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma, USA at the College of Industrial Engineering

Thainguyen University of Technology is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Training to deploy an advanced program in Electrical Engineering in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma - one of the famous universities of the United States.

The advanced program in Electrical Engineering is built on the program of Electrical Engineering at Oklahoma State University, USA. The goal of the program is to fully equip students with basic knowledge of Electrical, Electronics, Informatics, Measurement, Control, Automation, Electrical and Communication systems to help students grasp the knowledge Advanced basic knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering and Control of modern equipment systems.

Students learn the most advanced textbooks of the United States and practice experiments on the most advanced Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications equipment at the University.

Graduates can work in design, technical management in factories and enterprises with high requirements in the fields of electronics, automation and system control. In addition, priority is given to transfer to master's and doctoral studies in the United States, Europe, Korea, and Taiwan under the State's, companies' or professor's scholarships; or have the opportunity to work at universities, colleges in the technical sector, FDI companies such as SAMSUNG, CANON, FOXCONN, WNC, TOYOTA, etc.

3. Admissions

- Scope of enrollment: nationwide.

– Target for the academic year 2024-2025: Electrical Engineering: 30 targets.

– Conditions for admission: Candidates who wish to enter the full-time system at the University of Technology and Industry in 2021 can use the results of the high school graduation exam of one of the following four combinations:

  1. A00: Math, Physics, Chemistry

2. A01: Math, Physics, English

3. D01: Math, Literature, English

4. D07: Math, Chemistry, English

4. Diploma:

– Title: Engineering degree

- Training forms: formal

With youth, faith and rising mind, join the cutting-edge program to overcome challenges and reach the heights of scientific and technological knowledge with the cutting-edge program in Electrical Engineering.

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