Cultural Festival: Colorful international cultural festival

On July 14, 7, the Cultural Festival took place jubilantly at the walking path of the dormitory of the University of Industrial Technology. The event was organized by the International Faculty with the participation of 2022 booths (competition teams) from the students of the Faculty of International, Construction and Environment, Electromechanical Technology and Electrical Faculty. Each booth represents the cultural and culinary space of a partner country of the University as well as of the International Faculty, including: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Mozambique. , France, Japan, China, United States, Russia, Korea, Italy and the Philippines.

The judges scored each booth based on the criteria of cultural space, food taste and English presentation of the competition teams. In the end, 01 first prize belonged to the booth of class K55 API with the theme of Japanese culture; 02 second prizes were awarded to teams K57 API with the theme of Vietnamese culture and K55 NNA with the theme of Chinese culture; 03 third prizes belonged to teams of K54 + 56 NNA (themed of Philippine culture), Faculty of Construction and Environment (Thai culture) and Faculty of Electromechanical Technology (Korean culture). ).

In addition, many cultural performances and games were performed by Vietnamese and international students within the Cultural Festival, bringing a festive atmosphere and colorful cultural space. It can be said that the Cultural Festival has brought a useful spiritual dish to the students of the University of Industrial Technology. For the playing teams, this is an opportunity for cultural exchange as well as a very fun and exciting experience.

Student events in general at the Faculty of International Affairs and Cultural Festival always receive the support both materially and spiritually such as the School Board of Directors as well as from the Dean of the International Faculty. Besides the quality of training, the spiritual life and experiential activities of students are always put on the top of the International Faculty.

Finally, the Faculty of International Affairs would like to express its deep gratitude to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Cuong, the school's principal, along with teachers in the Board of Directors, deputy heads of departments, unions, teachers, officials in the school, and students inside and outside the faculty have joined hands to create a great multi-national cultural festival with an extremely lively atmosphere. The Faculty of International Affairs will organize more meaningful activities for students to have the opportunity to experience different cultural colors and practice their English and creativity.

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