Typical Alumni of International Faculty: No. 2

Surely you are no longer unfamiliar with the column [???? ?? ?????] of the International Faculty - TNUT too, this week's character is extremely beautiful, outstanding and has a dream of becoming a University Lecturer, ??. ??? ???? – Former student of class 50 - International Faculty, currently working as a PhD student at Gyeongsang National University, Korea.

After 5 years of studying at the Faculty of International Studies, Mai is a shining example in being enthusiastic, researching in studying, enthusiastic and passionate about extra-curricular activities of the Thainguyen University of Technology in general and the Faculty of International Affairs. private. Mai has left a deep impression on lecturers and students in the school with the image of a beautiful MC with fluent English speaking skills and smart and flexible improvisation.

After 3 years of graduating from the University, through the Vietnam Education Electronic Magazine, Mai shared: “When studying under an advanced program, being taught 100% in English with lecturers who are professors and PhDs... coming from the US, UK, Australia and all over the world, now I feel like I am "studying abroad" in the country. The program I studied with all the materials is applied according to the US university including specialized knowledge. Subjects in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, dynamics, heat... I have been exposed.

People often think mechanical engineering is hard work, machinery is greasy all day... but actually after graduation, students can work as heads of quality management departments, engineers in technology parks. high school, design engineer, manufacturing engineer, research… or can study further to teach and research like I am now. So it can be said that this is a pretty suitable course for girls.

In particular, during my university studies, I continuously achieved excellent results in summaries of subjects, so I won an excellent scholarship to encourage study from the University of Industrial Technology. I don't have to pay tuition fees, and it's considered to have helped a small part for my parents."

Hopefully Ms. Mai Phan – The character of this week's column [HALL OF GLORY] has fueled the passion and transmitted the lucky energy to the students before the challenging exam at the end of student life. Wishing the 2k3 students to have high results in the national high school exam and pass their desired aspirations.

See you at the International Faculty - University of Industrial Technology - TNUT.

Author: Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, K53API

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