Project on Foreign Languages ​​- TNUT Youth Union: Free English instruction for children of cadres and civil servants

A special volunteer program that we launch to help children of officials and employees learn English for free during the summer.

This program is a combination of the International Faculty and the English club TEC. With the participation and dedication of lecturers and students at TNUT International Faculty, we organize 100% free English lessons for the children of officials and employees.

This program is part of the Foreign Language Project - TNUT Youth Union, which was established with the goal of improving the English language proficiency of the community and building a positive and multicultural learning environment. Foreign students, studying at the International Faculty, teach and impart English knowledge with a unique and attractive teaching style.

We understand that mastering English is an important factor in career and personal development. Therefore, we would like to contribute to building the language ability of the children of officials and employees, thereby creating a better foundation for future success.

Our free English program not only provides language knowledge, but also creates a stimulating and diverse learning environment. Through contact and exchange with foreign students, children of officials and employees have the opportunity to hone their communication skills, broaden their horizons and discover more about cultures around the world.

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