Scientific research topics at all levels

STTTimeSubject nameLecturersResponsibility to participateManagers
11999Application of AutoLISP language in programming automatic drawing of machine parts Nguyen Thi Quoc DungChairBasis
22005Innovating teaching methods of Fundamentals of Machine Design and Machine DetailNguyen Thi Quoc DungChairBasis
32007Research on the theoretical basis of planetary transmission – Application of informatics in design automation of planetary reducersNguyen Thi Quoc DungChairMinistry of Education and Training
42007The Link between Learners' Beliefs and Their Speaking CompetenceHoang Thi ThamChairBasis
52009Some problems on the stability of the system of differential equations under impulse effectTran Thi HueChairBasis
62009Using Microsoft Excel software to build computational modules to support learning and teaching the subject of Machine DetailVu Quoc VietChairBasis
72009Design calculation and conversion of friction clutch to lug clutch in the drive part of SULLAIR 110 CFM air compressorNguyen Dinh NgocChairBasis
82009Building a multiple choice question bank for the English course 2Hoang Huong LyChairNUCE
92009Develop teaching plans and e-lectures for the subject English 2 in the direction of positive learner awarenessHoang Thi ThamMembershipNUCE
102009Improve the efficiency of the application of Microsoft Office Powerpoint software in teaching EnglishHoang Thi ThamChairBasis
112009Develop teaching plans and e-lectures for the subject English 2 in the direction of positive learner awarenessHoang Thi ThuChairNUCE
122010Vibration analysis of corrugated sheet made of composite materials on equivalent orthogonal flat plate modelNguyen Dinh NgocChairBasis
132010Calculating, simulating, solving problems of kinematics and dynamics of structures using Matlab softwareVu Quoc VietChairBasis
142010Research and application of hard turning technology in manufacturing guide rollers for steel rolling lines in VietnamNguyen Thi Quoc DungChairMinistry of Education and Training
152010The influence of Vietnamese culture in the process of learning English situationsHoang Huong LyChairBasis
162010Design exercises to practice speaking skills for English subject 1   For Thi Phuong ThaoChairBasis
172010Researching solutions to improve the quality of English learning for students of the Advanced ProgramHoang Thi ThamChairBasis
182011Calculation of vibration and strength of flat beam structures by finite element methodNguyen Dinh NgocChairBasis
192011Design and manufacture of some basic mechanical equipment Nguyen Thi Quoc DungChairNUCE
202012Static and dynamic calculation of folded sheets, isotropic materials by analytical methodNguyen Dinh NgocChairBasis
212012Developing skills in reading specialized English documents for 3rd year students majoring in Mechanical EngineeringFor Thi Phuong ThaoChairBasis
222012First-year Students' Autonomy in English Learning at TNUT Advanced ProgramHoang Thi ThamChairBasis
232013Students' Motivation and Attitudes Towards Learning English at TNUTHoang Thi ThamChairBasis
242016Research to determine the optimal component transmission ratio of the mechanical drive system using a belt transmission and a three-speed helical gear reducerDang Anh TuanChairBasis
252016Design, manufacture, and complete installation of a 3D plastic product printer with parallel robot control.Hoang Tien DatChairBasis
262016A Study on the Application of Metacognitive Strategies in Teaching Listening Comprehension to Advanced Program Studetns at TNUT Hoang Thi ThamChairBasis
272017Estimation of the gravitational domain for dynamical systems by the method of building continuous, affine, continuous Lyapunov functionsDinh Van TiepChairBasis
282017Applying Pagerank algorithm to the supply chain problem of supporting industrial productsDinh Van TiepGVHD Graft-vs-Host DiseaseStudent Research
292017An algorithm for approximating a double integral on a rectangular domain using the bridging method and programming Matlab to execute the algorithmDinh Van TiepGVHD Graft-vs-Host DiseaseStudent Research
302017Algorithms and Matlab programming for the problem of approximating solutions of ordinary differential equations with initial conditions by the Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg methodDinh Van TiepGVHD Graft-vs-Host DiseaseStudent Research
312017Flipped Classroom: An Innovation for English Language Teaching and Learning Nguyen Thi Kim ThuongChairBasis
322018Investigating factors affecting the reading comprehension of first – year AP students at Thai Nguyen University of TechnologyHoang Thi ThuChairBasis
332018Research to improve efficiency of keyway hole spark wire cutting processNguyen Thi Bich NgocMembershipBasis
342018Research on improving the efficiency of the reverse shaping pulse processNguyen Thi Bich NgocMembershipBasis
352019Study of electrode wear when reverse shaping 40Cr steel pulse through quenching with powdered solutionNguyen Thi Bich NgocMembershipBasis
362019Optimization of the reverse shaping pulse when the SKD11 steel pulse passes through quenching Nguyen Thi Bich NgocMembershipBasis
372020Approximating the solution of a problem with no common pointsTran Thi HueChairBasis
382020Quantitative statistical model of the role of media in brand promotion of universities in Thai Nguyen provinceTran Thi HueMembershipBasis
392020Solution approximation of separation and application common pointless problemNguyen Minh TrangChairMinistry of Education and Training
402020Approximating the solution of a problem with no common pointsNguyen Minh TrangChairBasis
412020Stability and performance for the family of continuous block multistep methodsDinh Van TiepChairBasis
422020Difficulty in understanding spoken American English among English-majored students at Thai Nguyen University of TechnologyTran Manh HoangChairBasis
432020Researching technologies to collect energy from the environment (EH - Energy Harvesting) to power wireless sensor networksTran Que SonChairBasis
442020Study of nonlinear dynamics of high intensity ultrasonic vibration deviceNguyen Thi Bich NgocMembershipMinistry of Education and Training
452021Optimizing the process of electrical impulse machining of cylindrical parts with profiled profiles made of SKD11 steel with powdered solutionTran Thi HueMembershipBasis
462021Experimental study on the influence of the geometry of the cutting tool on the formation of defects on the composite plate processing surfaceNguyen Dinh NgocChairBasis
472021Research on optimization of design and fabrication of multi-material concurrent printers using FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technologyHoang Tien DatChairBasis
482021Optimization of the pulse process of profiled cylindrical parts made of 9XC steel with graphite electrodeNguyen Thi Quoc DungChairBasis
492021Selecting the platform, designing and updating the information system for the provision and use of information on the Internet of the international conference ICERA 2021Nguyen Thi Bich NgocMembershipBasis
502022Application of Machine Learning in analyzing the role of communication factors in the enrollment of Thai Nguyen University of Technology and IndustryTran Thi HueChairBasis
512022Analysis of enrollment data at Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology in 2021Dinh Van TiepGVHD Graft-vs-Host DiseaseStudent Research
522022Building software to solve ordinary differential equations with initial conditions by single-step and multi-step linear methodsDinh Van TiepGVHD Graft-vs-Host DiseaseStudent Research
532022Building software to simulate the Monte Carlo method and its applicationDinh Van TiepGVHD Graft-vs-Host DiseaseStudent Research
542022Research on building models, manufacturing and testing ultrasonic welding heads with complex profiles used in the automotive auxiliary industryNguyen Dinh NgocChairMinistry of Education and Training
552022Design and manufacture a new large format 3D printer.Hoang Tien DatChairBasis
562022Fabrication of high mechanical bulk materials from powder materials by frictional-assisted horizontal extrusionVu Quoc VietChairBasis
572023Research on material structure and 3D printing technology of machine parts from composite materials with customized polymer matrix microstructureHoang Tien DatChairMinistry of Education and Training

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