Meet international students who are studying defense education

Performing the learning task in the training program, on June 20, 6, 2022 students of TNUT International Faculty were present at the Center for National Defense and Security Education of Thai Nguyen University to study the Module. Defense and security education for a period of 111 weeks.

After more than a week of studying, the children have gradually become accustomed to studying and living in the military environment. Although the weather was hot and there were a few disciplines in terms of hours and working regimes, all students were excited and happy.

On the evening of May 29, 5, the representatives of teachers who are homeroom teachers, assistant students of Student Affairs, Executive Committee of the Youth Union and the Faculty's Student Union visited and organized a general meeting for students of the Faculty who are currently studying at the Faculty of Education. Studying at the Center for Defense and Security Education.

At the meeting, Mr. Tran Manh Hoang, assistant professor of student affairs, on behalf of the Dean of the International Faculty, asked and advised the students on some issues that they had high results in the process of studying and training at this.

Mr. Nguyen Thu Ngan, Secretary of the International Faculty Union, summarized the contents of the Union's work in the school year 2021-2022 and implemented key tasks in the summer semester and the new school year. In which, the important content is to well implement the Projects of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of the XVII term 2022-2024 and participate in fundraising activities for the Youth Unions, Unions and Youth Unions to build the Youth Works of the school. term.

At the event, cultural performances and collective games were also organized and attracted a large number of students to participate.

Wish the students of the International Faculty have 5 weeks of effective study and practice, achieve high results and have good memories of the time together wearing the blue shoulders of the soldier's shirt!

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