The 8th International Student Football Championship 2022

For the purpose of promoting the movement of exercise and sports among the Youth Union of the International Faculty; Creating a playground for students in, stimulating creativity and solidarity of students, the Faculty of International Organization organizes the 2022th International Faculty Football Tournament in XNUMX.

Time: From 4/5/2022 to 20/5/2022

Venue: TNUT . artificial turf field

Opening: 14:00 on 4/5/2022

With the presence of 5 teams: NNA, K53AP, K54AP, K55AP and K57AP, competing in 14 matches.

Prize: 1.000.000 VND for the winning team and many other valuable prizes

Let's wish the teams and players good football matches; The fans have moments of fun entertainment and wish the season a great success.

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