Introduction to the Department of Natural Sciences and Economics taught in English

1. General introduction

The Department of Natural Science and Economics taught in English at the International Faculty is the predecessor of the Department of Mathematics and Physics taught in English, which was established under Decision No. 350/QD-ĐHKTCN dated August 22, 08 of Rector of Thai Nguyen University of Technology and Industry and is one of the subjects built from the early days of the establishment of the International Faculty. The main task of the subject is to train, research and teach 2013 Mathematics courses, 06 Physics courses, 03 Chemistry modules and a number of courses under the TTTT in order to provide students with engineering majors. basic knowledge for future specialized subjects.

The Department of Natural Sciences and Economics is taught in English, including 08 faculty members on the payroll, including 01 PhD, 02 foreign researchers, 03 domestic researchers and 02 masters. Compiling curricula, lectures, learning materials and improving qualifications is one of the key tasks of teaching staff in the subject. The Department of Natural Sciences, taught in English, always actively innovates teaching methods in the direction of gradually improving students' self-study ability and sense of initiative in learning, helping students to think independently as well as develop self-discipline. develop teamwork skills.

2. Research direction

The department develops according to the following research directions:

  • Introductory Linear Algebra
  • Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III
  • Differential Equations
  • Applied Maths
  • Probability Theory
  • Physics I, Physics II, Physics Laboratory
  • General Chemistry, The Evolution of Earth and Solar System
  • Workplace Incibility
  • Work-family connection

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