Introduction to Mechanical Engineering subject taught in English

General information

– Vietnamese name: The Department of Mechanical Engineering is taught in English

– English name: Division of English Taught Mechanical Engineering

– Address: Teacher's working area, house A4

– Phone: 0280.3747 559

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, taught in English, is one of the two first established subjects of the International Faculty.The department is responsible for scientific research and teaching mechanical engineering majors in English to students of the International Faculty, with the following functions: Deploying and training advanced programs in mechanical engineering. in English; Managing a staff of lecturers who have been trained and fostered abroad and have at least 500 English proficiency (TOEFL ITP); Management of training program content including detailed outlines, textbooks, reference books, assessment of training quality based on international standards widely accepted in the region and in the world; Ensure the pervasiveness of regular training programs.

Thus, the role and position of the subject is training and scientific research in the field of Mechanical Engineering and related fields, equipping students and trainees with basic knowledge of the industry. machine building, mechatronics, engineering design. From there, build students the knowledge and skills to solve technical problems in the future.

The main task

The Department performs the following tasks:

– Organize the development of the curriculum framework, detailed outlines of subjects under the cooperation program with the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA.

- Deploying teaching and professional management of advanced programs in Mechanical Engineering taught in English.

– Evaluate training quality based on international standards that are widely accepted in the region and in the world.

- Organize the implementation of scientific research programs and application of new technological advances for training and technology transfer. In addition, the faculty and staff also participate in student management and other mass activities.

Courses in charge

– Foundational modules: Principles of Engineering, Engineering Drawing and CAD, Dynamics, Principles of Machines, Machine Parts, Solid Body Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Design Methods and Processes.

– Specialized modules: Fluid mechanics, CAD product design, Machining processes, Composite materials, Heat transfer, Machining automation, Friction, wear and lubrication, Systems analysis


The scientific research directions of the discipline focus on technical and technological problems applied in engineering science and industry. The following are the main research directions:

– Materials engineering and technology, Coating engineering and technology, Friction and lubrication, Metal cutting tools

– Composite, Polymer materials; Surface Technology

– Machining and cutting hard materials, simulating the machining process with abrasives

– Blur control, image processing, and parallel signal processing

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