Introducing the subject of Electrical and Computer Engineering taught in English

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering taught in English, established with the mission of training talented electrical engineers, has achieved perfection and strong development based on an advanced training program, imported from America. This program is built by leading professors in the world and implemented by reputable and knowledgeable lecturers at Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology, giving students knowledge and Leading skills in the field of Electrical Engineering.

The primary goal of the advanced program in Electrical Engineering is to disseminate knowledge and methods of design, analysis and implementation of Electrical Engineering principles. Students will be equipped with the physics and mathematics necessary to apply creativity in solving real-world problems. They will be able to logically evaluate hypotheses, approaches, procedures, and results related to Engineering problems. The program also focuses on the design of systems using computers for diverse applications such as signal processing, communications, computer networks and control systems.

Students will practice communication, presentation and document writing skills in English, helping them be confident in an international environment. All of this comes with work ethic, loyalty to the Fatherland and commitment to serve the country and society.

Coming to the Electrical Engineering program, students will be equipped with the extensive knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this field and actively contribute to the development of industry and society.

Some quick information about Electrical Engineering - advanced program


  • Industry code: 7905228
  • Admission combination: A00, A01, D01, D07
  • High school graduation score
  • High school transcript


  • Provides knowledge and skills in design and manufacturing related fields within a wide range of electrical engineering
  • Proficient in specialized English, presentations and negotiations
  • Fully equipped with basic knowledge of Electricity, Electronics, Informatics, Measurement, Control, Automation, Electrical Systems and Communications to help students grasp advanced basic knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering and Control of modern equipment systems.


  • Training time: 4.5 years
  • Total credits: 153
  • CTDT imported from Oklahoma University, USA
  • Teaching language: English


  • Study MSc or PhD with foreign scholarships right after graduation
  • Technical expert and electrical system consultant for power companies, factories, enterprises, etc.
  • Researcher in the laboratory, automation production unit, working for the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation and the Vietnam General Department of Electronics.
  • Lecturer, researcher in education and research institutes.

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