Introduction to the Department of Foreign Languages

Foreign Language Department is one of four subjects under the Faculty of International, University of Industrial Technology. The department is in charge of the training program English language major - English for Science, Engineering and Technology, is one of four training programs of the International Faculty. The objective of the training program English Language Major - English Major for Science Engineering and Technology is to train learners with sufficient basic scientific knowledge, basic English knowledge and English for related majors. related to the field of science, technology and technology, have independent working skills, teamwork skills, self-study skills, curiosity and lifelong learning skills, critical skills, analysis, synthesis, thinking systems thinking, skills in translating, interpreting and teaching, having self-control and self-responsibility, having political qualities, ethics, appropriate professional attitudes, meeting the requirements of society on English human resources in the current international integration trend.

In addition to the task of training bachelor's degree in English, the Department is also responsible for teaching basic English courses for other training programs in the Faculty and University such as Advanced Programs, Regular University Training Programs, etc. , Bachelor Degree 2, Internship Program, Distance Learning Program and Master Training Program. Together with the Faculty of International Affairs, functional units and specialized faculties, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​has been participating in many activities to support students throughout the school to improve their English skills and achieve the output foreign language standards to ensure that they have the best possible outcomes. Graduation on time.

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