[Introduction] Student Club for Creativity and Scientific Research


The Creative and Scientific Research Student Club of the International Faculty of Industrial Engineering University - Thai Nguyen University is a club for students who have a passion for creativity in general and scientific research in particular. .

?Founded in 2022, with enthusiastic support from the School, experts and the constant efforts of the members, the Club has been transforming to grow stronger.

?Club's goal

?Create an academic community of students of the International Faculty of the University of Industrial Technology - Thai Nguyen University, where all students are interested and have the desire to develop themselves through research activities. Scientists can share, help and support each other in scientific research.

?Support and develop scientific research activities of students of the International Faculty of the Thainguyen University of Technology - Thai Nguyen University thanks to the support of scientific research skills and experience for students through the organized project.

?Find and support students with qualities and abilities in research activities to support lecturers and researchers in carrying out scientific research projects.

?Main activities of the Club:

?Participate in domestic and international Scientific Research, Student Creativity, and newspaper writing competitions.

?Organize workshops and seminars on Scientific Research skills for students (reading comprehension skills, document searching skills, research writing skills...).

?Training necessary skills and knowledge about Scientific Research for club members.

?Train professional knowledge and skills for club members.