At 19:19 on December 12, 2022, the Golden Bell Challenge - Ringing the golden bell of the International Faculty was opened at the football field of the dormitory of the University of Industrial Technology. This is a program under the Youth Union Foreign Language Project to help TNUT students achieve outstanding achievements in English skills in particular and foreign languages ​​in general. Therefore, this year's edition of Golden Bell Challenge will be entirely in English. The Youth Union's Foreign Language Project Department has trusted to choose the International Faculty as a brilliant opening for a series of 9 qualifying programs of faculties throughout the school.

Through 25 dramatic questions from the BTC, 100 contestants competed with the spirit of studying hard, playing hard. Although the difficulty is gradually increased with each sentence, with the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, the contestants are excited and show their full potential. At the end of the competition, attractive prizes have found excellent owners. Student Eliz Nathaniel Ramos Serrano – K54API excellently won the first prize and won the right to ring the golden bell for the winner.

Also within the framework of the program, a large number of spectators present at the dormitory yard were rewarded with a special musical performance from international students as well as Vietnamese students. The harmonious combination between the dramatic competitions in knowledge as well as the multicultural cultural parties really created a colorful event for the students of the International Faculty.

In addition, this is also an opportunity for the teachers of the International Faculty to show their interest in the students of the Faculty. The program received the participation of a large number of enthusiastic teachers, especially in the relief scene, helping all the contestants who were eliminated from question 10 to return to the playing field.

The program also won the sponsorship interest of the English Center - TNUT Open Training Institute and the Harvard English Center. Sponsors have given many valuable gifts to excellent candidates.

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