Group Research on Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (GREEME)

About us


The Group Research on Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering (GREEME) combines the renowned professors and the selected, young scientists at Thai Nguyen University of Technology with the aim to promote the teaching, research, globalization and other academic activities of the university to be alive , up-to-date and more competitive not only within the country but also worldwide. With about fifteen professors and faculty members from different departments, the primary objective of GREEME is to provide the in-depth analysis and solutions of the practical problems in diverse fields, including electric energy systems, electronics and control systems, integrated circuits, and mechanics, etc. The members of GREEME are conducting multi-disciplinary research projects both within and across the boundary of the country.

GREEME also creates a dynamic environment and supports students within the university to pursue their ambition of study, and be informed of the state-of-the-art technologies and brings them to the current engineering problems in the real world. In addition, GREEME is expected to encourage the global collaboration with overseas universities, international professors and researchers around the world.

The members of GREEME will not stop exploring new frontiers in research and performing an excellent education.