Extracurricular activities of international students

The form of teaching a foreign language in class is a basic method, but not the only one. The door of a foreign language classroom can be opened from many directions, with many different forms. Undeniably, extracurricular activities always play a complementary role in classroom hours. This is for the International Faculty of the Thainguyen University of Technology, which currently has 04 training programs including 02 advanced programs, 01 international training program and 01 English language program. becomes more and more correct.

English Student Counseling Center (TTTVTASV) is a unit in the International Faculty that is assigned to regularly organize extracurricular activities in English for students in the Faculty.

The purpose of these extracurricular activities is to help students better understand, use, and make good use of the English knowledge they have learned in the classroom.

In order to achieve this purpose, TTTVTASV, in addition to always trying to integrate English competitions, fun contests into these extracurricular activities must also ensure that the English language element is suitable for the curriculum. student level. This ensures the principle of learning while playing for these extracurricular activities.

Below are some pictures of extracurricular activities for students of the International Faculty.

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