Conference of employees for the school year 2023-2024

On June 30, 6, at the Great Hall of the University of Technology and Industry, held a Conference of Officials and Employees in the academic year 2023-2023 to evaluate and summarize the results achieved in the academic year 2024-2022 and set out the mission direction for the year 2023-2023.
The results of the work for the academic year 2022-2023 show that despite many difficulties in the past year, the University of Industrial Technology has successfully completed the tasks and achieved high achievements.
On that basis, the School Council has determined the direction of the mission in 2023, which focuses on developing research plans for long-term and short-term plans. Meeting the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education, educational development strategies, in line with the functions, tasks and requirements of innovation, enhancing the efficiency of construction and implementation of regular tasks; develop a list of tasks to serve the management of the University of Industrial Technology.
In the exchange and discussion session, with the spirit of democracy, the participants of the conference frankly contributed ideas and proposed solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of professional activities as well as improve the quality of their work. life for officials, employees and employees in the unit. In addition, the delegates also mentioned the development orientation of the University in general and the effective implementation of each activity in particular. The topics discussed are scientific research activities, postgraduate training activities, training activities, fostering young staff, efficiency in management activities... Representatives of functional departments present, receive and explain opinions related to the unit's activities.

The Conference of Labor Officers took place and was a great success. There will be many challenges in the new period for the successful implementation of the University's mission. Along with that, focus on building a stable financial mechanism; training and retraining associated with functions and tasks; promote the strength of international cooperation; building a network of researchers and experts, collaborating in research, consulting and consulting.

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