[10th Anniversary Camp] – Great success

Congratulations on an important milestone - 10 years of development and reaching out of the Faculty of International Affairs - FIT! From the date of establishment on August 12, 8 to August 2013, 12, we have witnessed unremitting efforts and impressive successes. FIT 8th Anniversary Camp ended with unforgettable memories and great success.

Organizing all-campus camps
On this anniversary, the Faculty of International is proud to organize a unique camping event, marking a turning point in the diversification of activities for students. With great cooperation from all disciplines, we have built 1 command camp and 4 camps representing the 4 branches of the faculty, each with its own creativity and special meaning.

Enjoy the fun and familiar atmosphere
Camp is not only an opportunity to bond, but also an opportunity to showcase the talents and creativity of all FIT students. Games and performances were organized and performed by both international and Vietnamese students. This is a place where people come together to enjoy memorable moments, share joys and build strong relationships.

Memorable memories – FIT 10 years of success
We ended the FIT 10th Anniversary Camp with an indelible mark. The success of this event lies not only in the good organization, but also in the development and progress of FIT during the past decade. Together we have seen great strides and taken on new challenges.

Thank you for the companionship and contribution of all students, faculty and staff in creating a memorable event. FIT has proven that the possibilities for transcendence and creativity know no bounds. Let's continue to build a bright future for FIT together and work towards new successes in the future.

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