Mechanical engineers in electrical and electronic corporations: OPPORTUNITIES or CHALLENGES?

Do you know:

  • The semiconductor circuits in mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators are an electronic device, but are manufactured and operated mainly by mechanical engineers;
  • Power cable/electrical equipment coils are also operated on production lines mainly by mechanical engineers;
  • Electronic auxiliary devices such as headsets, phone screens, etc. are also designed, operated and manufactured by mechanical engineers.
  • Sometimes the work of Mechanical Engineers in electrical and electronic corporations EXPRESS other technical disciplines.

And did you know:

  • Mechanical Engineers fluent in English and strong in their specialties are Haunted in ALL foreign enterprises.
  • “When surrounded by masters of electricity and electronics, having a major in Mechanical engineering is really a very special thing.” Dao Duy Nam, an alumnus of the advanced program in Mechanical Engineering K47, said.

Get an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Thainguyen University of Technology, Thai Nguyen University to experience these special things for yourself!

–> Recruitment combination: A00, A01, D01, D07

–> Admission quota: 60

–> Industry code: 7905218

–>Training time: 04 years for bachelor system and 05 years for engineering system.

–>Training form: Formal

->Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/APM.TNUT


Our commitment: Students enrolled in the Advanced Program in Mechanical Engineering can meet the English language standards immediately after the first year of study so that they can confidently study specialized subjects.

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