Dormitory – The second home of TNUTers

In area A, the school has 6 5-storey buildings from K1 to K6 and 3 4-storey buildings A1 to A3 with a total construction area of ​​over 23.000 m2 with modern design, full facilities according to standards for students. pellets. Each room is equipped with bunk beds for 6 to 8 students with self-contained auxiliary works. Each room has an area of ​​more than 30m2 with reasonable cost of electricity, water and support services. The school is equipped with a full internet system to each room with high-speed transmission, which is convenient for students to access the network, register for study, do exercises, contact teachers via Elearning. At Area B with 4 buildings from D1 to D4 serving students and officials. This is the ideal environment for students who want to have an independent, quiet space but can still participate in collective extracurricular activities. The living environment in the dormitory is healthy, orderly and safe, helping students to study with peace of mind.

Some pictures of the dormitory at TNUT

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