Dormitory of Thai Nguyen University of Technology and Industry – TNUT

Dormitory of Thai Nguyen University of Technology and Industry (TNUT) built including 10 spacious and clean buildings. Zone A of the school has 9 buildings, including 6 5-storey buildings (K1 to K6) and 3 4-storey buildings (A1 to A3). Total construction area is 26.000m2 with modern design and full facilities according to Vietnam Standards (TCVN) to serve students.

In the dormitory, the rooms are equipped with bunk beds to accommodate 6 to 8 students, and self-contained ancillary structures. The area of ​​each room is S=30m2, provided with electricity, water and reasonable support services. The school has also equipped with a full internet system for each room, with high communication speed, convenient for students to access the network to register for study, do exercises and communicate with teachers via Elearning.

Area B of the dormitory has 4 buildings from D1 to D4, serving staff and students. This is considered an ideal environment for students who want an independent and quiet space, while still being able to participate in group extracurricular activities. The living environment in the dormitory is guaranteed to be healthy, orderly and safe, so that students can focus on their studies with peace of mind.

In addition to fully meeting the physical facilities and cultural and spiritual life, the dormitory also provides an environment for students to practice self-reliance and a sense of responsibility for the collective and the community. . This has important implications in moral training, lifestyle and personality training for students.

The dormitory of the University of Industrial Technology creates good conditions for students to live, study and practice in a healthy collective environment. The location of the dormitory is very convenient, close to the school, library, sports ground and the lecturer's working area, helping students easily access resources, improve knowledge and exercise. .

Security in the dormitory is guaranteed, providing students with a safe and secure environment. At the same time, students also have the opportunity to receive a maximum training score of up to 10 points per semester, depending on their sense of training. This encourages students to participate in individual training activities and interact in groups.

In addition, students are also given priority to consider incentive scholarships, which is an extremely valuable opportunity to evaluate and reward students' learning and training efforts. All these together create a good living and learning environment, encouraging the holistic development of students in the dormitory of the Thainguyen University of Technology.

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