Graduation project defense ceremony of FIT international students

On August 16, 8, at the Faculty of International Affairs, Thai Nguyen University of Technology and Industry (TNUT), the graduation project defense session was successfully held, marking an important turning point in our career. study program of international students from FIT International Faculty.

Early that morning, the space of the International Faculty became bustling and colorful when the students' relatives came from all over Southeast Asia to share the joy and pride in the ceremony. graduation project defense. With the support and encouragement of family and friends, FIT students confidently presented and displayed their talents and knowledge accumulated during their study at the Faculty.

In particular, loved ones not only came to share the joy in the ceremony, but also contributed to creating more motivation and enthusiasm for FIT students in their journey of knowledge discovery and success.

For more information about the International Faculty's programs, scholarships and admissions process, please visit Official website of TNUT . International Faculty.

We sincerely congratulate the FIT students on successfully completing this important step and wish them a bright future filled with new successes and happiness.

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