History of development of International Faculty - FIT

Let's explore his impressive journey Faculty of International Training in developing training programs in English. Since its establishment on August 12, 8, the department has made a strong mark with incredible development.

After more than 10 years of establishment, the International Faculty has undergone a continuous transformation. Initially with only 03 mechanical and electrical engineering subjects, taught in English along with the Foreign Language subject, the faculty has continuously expanded and developed. Currently, the International Faculty has up to 04 subjects and 01 practice room, creating favorable conditions for the development of diverse training programs.

As a testament to the Faculty's commitment to quality training, the Faculty is proud to organize 05 undergraduate training programs in English, with the participation of nearly 50 talented and talented lecturers and staff. enthusiasm. In particular, the majority of the Faculty's lecturers have undergone training and internships abroad, helping teachers achieve English standards of Toefl-ITP 550 or higher.

This development is not only a success for the Faculty but also a great example of the Faculty's commitment to improving training quality and sustainable development. We hope that English-language training programs at the department will continue to attract more talented students and contribute positively to the development of industry and society in the future.