Program of the 2nd Workshop for scientific research of TNUT students- Student Scientific Research Workshop in English 2023

In his opening speech, Associate Professor, PhD. Vu Ngoc Pi emphasized the decisive importance of developing student scientific research in creating prestige for the University and contributing to the community, and the importance of nurturing a strong workforce. have expertise, extensive knowledge and a spirit of curiosity within the school. Therefore, the University of Industrial Technology always values ​​scientific research and puts it at the forefront of its development strategy, to contribute to improving the teaching and learning abilities of both lecturers and students.

This workshop provides an important platform for introducing research opportunities to students new to the field as well as providing foundational knowledge for their research journey. Scientific research is one of the most effective learning methods, because it helps students expand their knowledge and develop important soft skills while encouraging students to apply theoretical knowledge to solve problems. solve practical problems, thereby creating a scientific learning method and stimulating the hidden creative potential of young people.

Students of the International Faculty of the University of Industrial Technology made significant contributions to the success of the Conference. Hopefully in the coming semesters we will continue to promote and have more scientific research with more practical applications.

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