Mission – Vision


The Faculty of International Affairs is a spearhead faculty, pioneering the cause of fundamental and comprehensive renovation of the University in the direction of international integration and preserving the national cultural identity through effective and widespread implementation of programs. training programs in foreign languages ​​and applying advanced philosophies in scientific research and technology transfer. 


By the end of 2015, 100% of the lecturers of the International Faculty will meet the English standard Toefl-ITP 550 or Toefl-IBT79 points or higher. By 2020, the faculty's enrollment size will increase to 100% each year; all faculty members of the faculty must have a Master's or Doctoral degree, of which 75% are post-graduate trained in English-speaking countries; successfully implemented 5 undergraduate training programs and 1 to 2 graduate training programs in English; cooperate with the faculties in the school to teach 1/3 of the courses of the training programs in English. International publication of 10-20 articles/year, taking the creation of technology by Vietnamese people as a measure to evaluate the creative capacity of lecturers and creating real products as criteria for assessing the quality of students. graduate.

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