The Advanced Program in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering (ME) BS Program at the University at Buffalo is accredited by ABET, which requires a formal Outcomes Assessment and Continuous Improvement process to ensure excellent educational quality. The Educational Objectives for the Advanced Program of the ME BS program at TNUT are:

– To prepare graduated fundamental, basic, specific and societal knowledge for a career or further studies in mechanical engineering or related disciplines, applying the concepts and principles of mathematics, science and engineering in industrial activities.

– Understand the knowledge about development, documentation and presentation of engineering projects, the economy and engineering economics.

– Understand the issues required knowledge to start a new career or research and caring about the social.

Mechanical engineers are involved in research and development, design, manufacturing and technical sales of the widest variety of products. Specific areas of involvement include computer-aided design and manufacturing; robotics; power plants; engines; machine tools; construction equipment; material; material; agricultural implementation; automotive vehicles and systems of transportation; domestic and industrial appliances; control and measurement devices; instrumentation; biomedical devices; apparatus for the control of air, water, noise, refuse and other types of pollution; underwater technology; space flight equipment; safety devices and food processing machinery. Students can elect to pursue graduate work in engineering or other fields. Graduate study in mechanical engineering can lead to careers in research and teaching.

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