Announcement of official university admission scores according to the method of considering high school transcripts for the 1st round of 2023 (early admission) of the International Faculty of Industrial Technology University - Thai Nguyen University

Matriculation scores for 4 majors of the International Faculty

Pursuant to the Decision No. 979/QD-DHKTCN dated June 30, 6 of the Rector of the University of Technology and Industry on the admission score of the regular university according to the method of considering high school transcripts for the first period of 2023 (early admission examination). ) entered the University of Industrial Technology - Thai Nguyen University

Below is a selection of 4 majors under the International Faculty in the list of Industrial School's Matriculation Scores. Detailed list here

STTMajorsIndustry codeAdmission codeAdmissions groupTargetsMatriculation score
1Mechanical Engineering – Advanced Program (Taught in English)7905218CTT(A00); (A01); (D01); (D07)1520
2Electrical Engineering – Advanced Program (Taught in English)7905228DTT(A00); (A01); (D01); (D07)1520
3Foreign Trade (Industrial Management – ​​Teaching in English)7510601QLC_TA(A00); (A01); (D01); (D07)1020
4English language7220201Nna(A00); (A01); (D01); (D07)1520

Guide to regular university admission in 2023

This is an important step in the learning journey of candidates preparing to apply International Faculty. For the purpose of supporting and providing detailed information. In this guide, we'll cover the admissions process and other important information you need to know to best prepare for the entrance exam.

Basic introduction to international faculty

The International School, Thai Nguyen University of Industrial Technology is one of the leading educational institutions in the field of engineering and industry in Vietnam that teaches and learns entirely in English. With a global vision, we are committed to providing quality training programs that are diverse and responsive to the needs of the domestic and international labor market. Science and research at the university is always encouraged and supported, creating optimal conditions for students to develop creativity and be ready to face the challenges of the future. With curriculum imported from the US, we offer outstanding learning and research opportunities, helping students to become trusted global experts.

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