Announcement to organize the cultural festival of the University of Technology and Industry in 2022

Following the direction of the Board of Directors of UEB, the International Faculty is honored to organize the Cultural Festival of the University of Technology and Industry (Cultural Festival TNUT) in 2022.

Time: 7.00 – 12.00 May 14, 5

Where to eat: Artificial turf field and walking path for dormitory K1, K2


Invited delegates:

– Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the School Council

- Administrators

– Representative of the Youth Union of the school

– Leaders of faculties and branches participated in the event

International Faculty:

– Dean of International Faculty

- Heads and deputy heads of departments

– Faculty Assistant

– Head teacher, academic advisor

- Lecturer in the department

- All international students.

In order for the cultural festival to achieve good results, contributing to promoting the image of the University and the Faculty, the Dean of the International Faculty recommends that all faculty and staff of the Faculty attend in large numbers and successfully complete the tasks. assigned. It is recommended that the classroom teacher, the class staff notify and remind students to attend fully and on time. Classes submit the list of students attending to the class teacher after the event ends.

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