Announcement on opening and canceling semester 2022 courses in the academic year 2023-XNUMX

After the adjustment period of the modules, the Dean of the International Faculty decided as follows:

– Canceled course EE0015 Power System Analysis and Design (Analysis and design of power systems) because the number of students registered is too small. – Cancel TCV102 Physical Strength Education 2 (Physical Education 2) due to too few registered students.

– Cancel the course MAT007 Probability Theory because the number of registered students is too small.

– Canceled course MAE007 Engineering Materials Lab for K54APM because the number of registered students is too small.

– Open the GEE005 Experimental Methods 2 module (Experimental Methods 2) according to the student's wishes.

– Open the module EE0009 Senior Design 1 (Design project 1) according to the student's wishes.

– Other courses with a small number of students but necessary to ensure the normal learning progress of students are still open (for K56).

– Particularly, the module EE0008 Signal Analysis arranged for Mr. Jae to teach (for now, leave Mr. Dong's name temporarily because Mr. Jae does not have a teacher code) will be postponed until Mr. Jae completes the procedure with the School. .

The specific class timetables are as follows:

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