CENDIS Center successfully manufactured High Performance Complex Module

High performance complex module (High Pperformance Ccomplex Mmodule)

Stemming from the actual demand through orders from production facilities, the staffs of CENDIS Product Innovation Center - International Faculty and University of Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. have researched, designed and manufactured successfully created a High Performance Complex Module specialized for signal processing from Industrial Sensors (Sensors), alarm generation (Alarms) and Ethernet, RS-485 standard industrial communication. This module is designed and manufactured based on advanced microchips with high processing speed and performance, saving energy. Currently, the first two phases (Phase 1 – Generating creative ideas and Phase 2 – Technology development and product manufacturing) have been completed well. The product has been tested to perform well in industrial environments. In the near future, the CENDIS center will move to Phase 3 – Transferring and commercializing products for a number of businesses that have ordered. Here are some pictures and specifications of the product.

Figure 1: Actual image of the product after processing

Technical data:

– Model: DAQ-V03.2020

– DC power 15 – 36V

- 4 channels of sensor signals using communication

- 4 channels Analog Inputs (12bit resolution)

+ Voltage 0 – 5V/10V

+ Current 0mA/4ma – 20mA

- 4 channels Analog Outputs (12bit resolution)

+ Voltage 0 – 10v

– Alarm Output



– Ethernet TCP/IP communication

– RS232/RS485 (optically isolated) communication – Modbus RTU/Modbus ASCII

– Configuration via software on PC

– Display operating status via LED

– Optionally add functions according to user requirements, etc.


CENDIS . Product Innovation Center – International Faculty – University of Industrial Technology – Thai Nguyen University.

– Technology transfer unit: University of Industrial Technology Co., Ltd

* Address: No. 666, 3-2 street, Tich Luong, Thai Nguyen

* 24/7 Technical Support:

+ Mr. Sacred; Tel/Zalo: 0375535863 – 0911695333

+ Email: linhk43@gmail.com

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